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here’s yet another beautiful track from the very prolific Gacha.

When all by myself, I can think of all kinds of clever remarks, quick comebacks to what no one said, and flashes of witty sociability with nobody. But all of this vanishes when I face someone in the flesh: I lose my intelligence, I can no longer speak, and after half an hour I just feel tired. Talking to people makes me feel like sleeping. Only my ghostly and imaginary friends, only the conversations I have in my dreams, are genuinely real and substantial….
Fernando Pessoa (via fernsandmoss)
One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
C.G. Jung (via yeshecholwa)

silly little thing i made
travel suggestions

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I’m heading out west in a few weeks and I’ll be spending time in San Francisco for a week then road-tripping up through oregon & washington. we’re want to mix city exploring with outdoor exploring. if any of you guys are from the area or have been around these places please throw any cool suggestions of things to see /  places to go / etc.
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I, too, am beginning to feel an immense need to become a savage and create a new world.
August Strindberg (via yeshecholwa)

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KEITH VAUGHN Rare Visitation oil and acrylic on canvas 36” x 24” 2013